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Discover the convenience of our well-located apartments near East Carolina University. With our private shuttle service to and from campus, bid farewell to lengthy commutes and the hassle of searching for parking. We’re just minutes away from Greenville Mall and a variety of excellent dining establishments, ensuring you won’t miss out on any of the vibrant experiences that Greenville has to offer.

The new management is the best we’ve had. They’ve worked so well with all my requests and have done everything they can do to make the people living here comfortably. They respond to work orders within hours and actually fix things the right way instead of doing a makeshift fix. I absolutely love it here!


After living here for three years and experiencing numerous changes in management, I can finally say that the current manager Sandra is amazing! She has heard my concerns and has established connections with residents more than any previous manager. She has made living here at Eagle more promising and comfortable!


Since I have moved in there’s been new management multiple times. However, the new management is very helpful and actually knows what is going on. There were some issues that previous management just ignored even though I came to them multiple times and the first time I came to the new management they had it resolved by the end of the day, The new assistant manager came to drop off a flyer and my dog got out and she personally made she my dog was back in my apartment safe (I was at class). They have been awesome in any issues and most definitely care about their residents.


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